Better deliverability with powerful tools and a passionate team

360Inbox provides email deliverability platform solutions that help you test, monitor, and optimize your inbox-placement. We make the complex topic of deliverability easy to understand, helping you identify the factors that cause deliverability challenges, with the tools and tactics to solve them.

We offer an industry-leading Deliverability Platform that allows you to test, monitor, and analyze dozens of signals that impact deliverability and sender reputation. Test where your email campaigns are blocked, spam-filtered, and inboxing across hundreds of ISP-mailboxes and filters. Depending on your needs, this solution can be self-serve or supported by our experienced team of deliverability consultants.

Our Email Verification and Data-Hygiene solutions to identify invalid, fake, typo, suspicious and malicious addresses within your mailing list. Cleaner data plays an important role in deliverability, with cleaner data-collect, consent, and opt-in practices being the end-goal.

What's a great platform without a great team behind it to support you? Our team of deliverability consultants are passionate about all things email and deliverability, but more importantly, educating and helping your team become better marketers. We support brands of all sizes, including agencies, to navigate the spectrum of topics - arming them with strategies to mitigate issues and boost inbox-placement; technical setup and migration support; and strategies to generate more revenue from your email program.

Valued clients include: HelloFresh, Deezer, Smava, Finanzcheck, Snocks, Athletic Greens, Kununu XING, Waterdrop, Audibene, Glow25, Giesswein, Löwenanteil, Bruna The Label, Waldkraft, SC24, Natural Patch, and many more.

We also help marketers understand the downside risk of not managing deliverability. Senders cannot afford to miss out on potential opens, clicks, conversion, and revenue due poor deliverability. This can negatively affect the customer experience and even tarnish a brand's perception, accelerating churn and user frustrations; drive-up inbound complaints and operating costs; and severely damage engagement, retention, and customer lifetime value.

The impact of great deliverability can be tremendous - and we're here to help!

Our story

360Inbox is a Canadian software technology and professional services company, with our roots in Germany and across Europe.

Our goal is to help marketers understand the right questions to ask; providing perspective, clarity, and value. Years of leadership experience and data-driven decision making allows us to provide the guidance and confidence brands look for when making difficult and impactful decisions.

Better deliverability is good for everyone; the implications are far reaching and the ROI is tremendous. For starters, it improves the user experience, boosts engagement, and generates more revenue across the customer lifetime. Knowing your emails are inboxing allows you to send with confidence, and that's a good feeling!

In 2022, the company grew internationally, with a new head-office in Canada. 360INBOX INC. was formed and now focuses primarily on email deliverability software tools and solutions - providing senders with comprehensive deliverability tools, email verification & data hygiene services, and a professional services team of geeky and passionate deliverability consultants.


The beginning

Deliverability monitoring team; ESP sending infrastructure; platform migrations; global accounts with Fortune-500 clients.

Venture Building

Building and leading CRM and Deliverability teams across 75 different business units, 300+ domains, in 105 countries. Overseeing 20+ billion emails per year.



360Inbox Consulting

Leadership, CRM, Deliverability, Infrastructure, CRO, Revenue and Growth advisory for many of Europe's biggest brands.

Deliverability Platform

Formation of the "360Inbox Deliverability Platform; partnership growth, and EU sales growth.




Expanding our tool set, network of agency partners, and clients around world.

Company values

Focus on the customer
Build trust
Embrace ownership
Cultivate transparency
Deliver results
Always be growing

Support Team

Meet our lean but experienced team!
Our wider team consists of highly trusted partners, consultants, and agencies.

Marcella Velasquez
Account Director
Nick Koreck
Chief Executive Officer
Brad Van
Head Of Customer Experience
Inbox Monster (partnership)
Thom Porter
Senior Deliverability Consultant
Inbox Monster (partnership)
Anna Kotlikov
Senior Deliverability Consultant
Inbox Monster (partnership)
Kitchener, Ontario
Remote work
Join us from anywhere. Remote-friendly environment
Berlin, Germany
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