Deliverability Tools

Inbox Placement

Test, monitor, and optimize your Inbox Placement across 90+ global and regional ISPs, mailbox-providers, and B2B filters.

Unlimited seedlist testing allows you to test all campaigns and automated flows, and with daily testing and alert-notifications, you'll to never miss an issue.

Pre-flight test any campaigns before the live dispatch, followed by post-flight tests after the live dispatch. This aims to measure if inbox placement remained the same, worsened, or improved
(due to the impact on your deliverability reputation from the live campaign's response behaviour)

The end goal is to know where your emails are landing, so you can send with confidence, reach more users, and generate more revenue from your email marketing program.

Deliverability Tools

Reputation Monitoring

Our tools help senders measure the many factors that impact your sender reputation and email health, and ultimately the placement of your emails. These signals convey information and instructions for email senders, to make changes and measure those improvements against the reputation signals. By looking in the right places, we can understand why emails are blocked, delayed, or spam-filtered.

- Domain and IP Reputation
- Spam-complaints
- Spam-traps
- Blocklisting
- Bounces and Delivery Errors
- Technical Authentication
- Content flagging and filter analysis
- GPT and SNDS reputation scores.

Deliverability Consulting

Professional Services

360Inbox offers a Professional Services team to provide dedicated deliverability consulting, guidance, and support:

- Proactive monitoring across all deliverability KPIs
- Inbox placement monitoring and reporting 
- Spam-trap data analysis
- Blocklist remediation
- Sender reputation analysis
- Spam complaint monitoring
- Technical and Authentication audits
- SPF, DKIM, and DMARC configuration
- Spam-filtering and blocking issue remediation
- Postmaster outreach
- Strategic guidance
- Alert threshold monitoring
- Platform migration and IP warm-up

*Dedicated Deliverability Consulting Support is only available to paid Deliverability Platform subscribers.

Analyze data trends

Aggregate time series data, clear visualizations, and the ability to drill-down into more granular data for deep-dive analysis and reactivity.

Connect and sync your data

Link to other platforms to up your deliverability experience. Automate seedlist testing through our direct ESP integrations partners with SendGrid, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Amazon SES, and more.

Build performance reports

Make notes, comments, and share deliverability assessment reports with management and cross-departmental teams

Launch better emails

Delivered emails to the inbox become visible and clickable; that improves the customer experience and probability of future engagement.

Empower every team
with good data

Unlock deep insights about your sender reputation, inbox placement, technical setup and authentication, data quality, engagement behaviour, postmaster signals, and DMARC compliance.

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